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Jessica de Boer (1993) belongs to the newest generation Dutch jazzsingers and stands out because of her disarming and narrative style. She was born in Rotterdam and grew up with gospel music. During her studies at Utrecht Conservatory - from which she graduated in 2019 with honors - she fell in love with the rich harmonies and freedom of jazz. Soon she started writing her own compositions; light, colorful jazz with flexible melody-lines and a hint of world music. Inspired by nature, people and faith, her lyrics express universal theme's in a personal way.

De Boer's debut album Grow (Challenge Records) revolves around transforming, growing (up), trust and longing. She reflects on what was, what's coming and on the world around her. Through nine narrative compositions, Jessica sets out on a journey along different aspects of growing. What do you encounter? What do you have to let go of? What inspires you? And what if growth isn't coming the way you hoped it would? Questions asked from a longing for something that's certainly coming.

Jessica's broad musical career has led her to perform at a variety of places, including North Sea Jazz Festival, Middelheim Jazz and Tivoli Vredenburg.


Eric Brugmans - guitars

Manuel Wouthuysen - keys

Thimo Gijezen - double bass

Mees Siderius - drums

Yannick van ter Beek - percussion

Manon Nijenhuis - backing vocals

Noël van de Wiel - backing vocals

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