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Klassieke Zaken
Klassieke Zaken
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Jazzism Feb '22
Jazzism Feb '22
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Horbar Feb '22
Horbar Feb '22
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Best Jazz Albums of 2022

Jazzism • NL

CD of the week

JazzNotes Radio • NL

CD of the week

Sk.Jazz • Slowakije


Favorite New Release

The Bebop Shop • UK


… Definitely an exceptional debut - in great anticipation of the next musical “strike"

Concerto, Austria

... Whether with or without words, de Boer creates a musical universe that goes beyond the immediate meaning of the lyrics

Jazzthing, DE

This calls for a second CD.

Edwin Rutten, Klassieke Zaken, NL

It is not common to find a debut album of such high quality.
Yuki Yamamoto, JazzJapan, Japan

I love this splendid album with its present-day vision!
 - Radio REC, France


Respect for this beautiful album.

Audio, DE


Jessica plays with us a bit and even seduces us, but her songs help us to think or even dream. Which is rare these days.
- Sk Jazz, Slowakije

Her singing is impressive, a great talent. At the same time, she comes across as immensely self-confident.

WegotMusic, DE

…the young Dutchwoman shows her talent not only as a singer,

but also with loud airy-light original compositions,colorful and disarmingly undogmatic…
Hessischer Rundfunk, DE

A welcome salve for the soul.

Draai Om Je Oren, NL

An ambitious work by a promising young talented diva, who successfully blends the jazz tradition with the taste of a new generation.
Jazz Critique, Japan

…Sparse arrangements, exposed vocals and really beautiful compositions make listening to this album a great pleasure.


...Hard to believe this is a debut!
...How Jessica merges with the ingenious band as a dynamic unit, I could listen 
to it forever.
Melodiva, DE

...De Boer's virtuoso improvisationskills, timing and frasing are of a high standard.
Jazzism, NL

This sound is colorful, sophisticated, and new.
Mime Yamamoto, JazzJapan, Japan

... Whether with or without words, de Boer creates a musical universe that goes beyond the immediate meaning of the lyrics

Jazzthing, DE

All in all, a dreamlike unity of all participants can be heard, a mood that uses elements of jazz and a bit of pop in a very loose and relaxed way.

Musickansich, DE

I am hoping that they will come to Japan soon…
Taaki Sakurai, Japan

...I think Jessica is a great new addition to the musical landscape in the Netherlands: original, involved with the world we live in,

big hearted with great craftsmanship and a singing talent to match." 

Izaline Callister

"Grow" shows an up-and-coming young woman who has found her style, her form of expression,

distilling her ideas from various pots and barrels and turning them into a very unique cocktail.

Na Dann, DE


Concert reviews

 Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

 DUMS, Utrecht

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